Discover our Mobile Welfare Units

Mobile Welfare Units

For the monitoring of larger areas such as exhibitions, festivals, special events, demolitions, and a wide variety of shows we can combine multiple STSO CCTV towers into the Mobile Welfare Unit (MWU) / Command Centre. This multi-purpose hub allows numerous STSO CCTV cameras to be viewed from one control centre. It can be rapidly deployed and set up in less than 30 minutes and features enough room for up to 10 personnel. Additional options can include a telephone, wireless printer and WiFi connectivity for laptops and tablet devices.

The MWU is a road towable unit complete with various features such as;

  • Diesel night heater
  • Auto stop / start – 6 KVA generator
  • High security design features
  • On-board facilities including; W/C, microwave, kettle and hot running water
  • Separate drying room
  • Internal / external LED lighting

We offer bespoke versions of our MWU in various configurations to suit individual site requirements and environments.

This is predominately used as a command centre or main security control point for a range of demanding situations where security cannot be compromised. Multiple STSO towers feeding into one central point provides the controller with complete visibility. Perfect for civil unrest and areas of high crime.

A working site office requires a reliable communications network. With a constant and reliable broadband connection, this will maintain continuous connectivity. This supports WiFi, VOIP (voice over internet protocol) telephone service and wireless printers. Different monthly data packages are available providing cost effective connectivity to your site.

The perfect solution for mobile site access on railway projects, working seamlessly next to or within station car parks or trackside. This can be used across a vast range of other working environments. The MWO comes fully equipped with a full range of on-board amenities.

An amalgamation of the above three provides the ultimate solution for your welfare office / command centre requirements. Please contact us for your individual requirements as bespoke arrangements are available.