Discover our intruder alarms capabilities and expertise

Here at 8point8 Vanguard we provide a variety of intruder alarm systems to specifically suit your organisational or personal needs. With our intruder alarms we can ensure safety and security from unauthorised entry to your site.

Our installation and maintenance service for your intruder alarm also includes a free site survey and risk assessment for your first system installation.

When force of entry into the property is detected an alarm is generated to warn off trespassers and make you aware of the intruder. Our engineers will also be aware of any intruder alarms being set off. The intruder alarm can be connected to our CCTV system in order to identify the intruder and any danger.

Through the use of our security systems a professional team of engineers will be able to monitor your site or building 24 hours a day 365 days of the year. We also provide a 24-hour support service, if any problems with the intruder alarm occur or if the alarm is activated at any time of day our engineers will be called out to your property immediately. When appropriate the police will be promptly notified and also called out to the property.